Doom & Destiny on Windows Phone!

Doom & Destiny was finally released on Windows Phone.
At first free, now it’s only 0.99$, it’s already a success, being among the TOP 10 sold games!
Among role playing games, it’s first and and it managed to beat the great Final Fantasy. This is for us a big goal!

8 thoughts on “Doom & Destiny on Windows Phone!

  1. I play doodm and destiny in the game when you start the episode 4 ther is alwais a crash i cant’ continue the game on lumia 610

  2. I’ve been playing the game and loving it! I just have a small request. Could you allow rotation to the left landscape orientation? It might sound irrelevant but it keeps me from playing the game while I’m in bed with the phone charging, as my electric plug is to my right and with current orientation the wire plugs to my phone on the left, it is quite a mess to play like that as my charging wire is quite small. I suppose more people can easily experience that and it is quite frustrating.. Keep up the good job 🙂

    • hi manuel!
      yeah, we should do that, but it’s not that easy! but since we are still working on Doom & Destiny and planning to release an update, we will try to do it!
      thanks for the support!

  3. One other thing I am curious about is if there is any way to use the save game files from my windows phone device on the PC?
    I was thinking of buying the PC version, so I can play it more confortably when I have the chance to, but I don’t want to have to start over..

    • Hi manuel, unfortunately, you can’t access to save files on your phone so you can’t transfer save files from WP to PC. We are working to create save files in cloud, but it might take time.
      if you plan to buy the pc version, you’ve to start over :'(

      • Hi there, did you ever get round to adding the flipped orientation option? As I have downloaded the demo and its not got an option. Just wondering if its on the paid version? I already have this on my tablet and its amazing, the best on windows store. Well done! I am eagerly awaiting the sequel as well 😉

        • i’m sorry, it’s a feature we missed to ..feature 😀
          the paid version is the same of the free one but without ads and the required continous internet connection

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