Doom & Destiny 2 announced!

Ladies and gentlemen,

it’s official, we are working on the sequel of Doom & Destiny!
So stay tuned for more wackiness, Β epicness, gigawesomness and stuff…

16 thoughts on “Doom & Destiny 2 announced!

  1. hey 11 year old in the house! Doom and Destiny is one of the most best RPGS Iv’e played besides Dragon Warrior Saga! I cant wait for the second one! But I was thinking….. maybe you should make a MULTIPLAYER version of this game!

  2. This is one of the best RPGs I have played. My 33 year old daughter plays this game also and loves it also. I can hardly wait for the sequel. Keep up the breast apps!!

  3. Hi, love the first game, only about 40% complete so far, so not being impatient or anything but do we have an eta on the sequel and will it still be available on kindle?

  4. Hey Benjamin, is there a release date now? Can’t find it at play store. End the first game a few minutes ago and want play the second now :).By the way, great work!

  5. Love this game!!! i played over 56 hours 1 save and i killed the GIGAWESOME Flying Spaghetti Monster!! Hope that D&D 2 will come to windows phone! my all characters are 99 lvls πŸ˜€ Hope that the new D&D will come soon as possible to windows phone. πŸ™‚

  6. I wanted to know if I buy the first game can I play the game without internet connection because when I tried to play the free one on a plane it would not load up.

    • the free version runs with ads and you need to stay connected all the time.
      the paid version doesn’t require an internet connection to play, since there are no ads πŸ™‚

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