Doom & Destiny on Playstation 4

28th February (EU 🇪🇺) // 4th March (Americas 🇺🇸 ).
Doom & Destiny.

Well, it took us quite a while, we even got delayed at the last second, but we finally made it.
Being able to have our first and beloved Doom & Destiny on #Playstation4 is for us an amazing achievem… ehm, we mean, amazing trophy 

The first Doom & Destiny prototype saw the light of day in february 2009! TEN years ago!!!
If you were telling us, 10 years ago, that a small demo/prank about four friends of ours will be available today on #PS4, we would have rolled initiative and attacked you!

But here we are, ready for some more challenges and to entertain you even more! 🍝🐉