Miner Warfare

MINER WARFARE is a frantic 2D action multiplayer experience. Up to 8 miners dig their way through dirt blocks and other miners to be the wealthiest gold digger at the end of the match!

Ten maps, more than twenty weapons and up to 8 players IN LOCAL (yep, 8 players in local), MINER WARFARE is the perfect friendship breaker game!

Available for PC and XBox 360 in digital copy:

Is also available the special boxed edition of Doom & Destiny, containing Miner Warfare and Spyleaks:

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20 thoughts on “Miner Warfare

  1. I love this game a lot. I give it two thumbs up and complete support for more releases, including DLC, more modes, more weapons, or pretty much Miner Warfare 2!

      • When will you make an update? Because you guys are COMPLETELY under rated and this game deserved 10/5 stars!!! everyone i have shown this game to LOVES it! literally! we have literally had miner warfare binges were we just play this ALL day! Although we play on the xbox, i am finally, after around 2 years getting a bit tired of playing my favourite matches 3,6,7 and of coarse 10. so i STRONGLY recommend you guys making miner warfare 2, I honestly think a buck for this game was insane! this game is so epic. i wouldnt think twice of paying more for this game because it is epic, i really REALLY hope you guys make a new one soon and release it to xbox.

        • Thank you for your support, we really want to release the next version of Miner Warfare as a lot of people is rrequesting it. Unfortunately due to health problem the team is somehow late on our bigger project Advanced Doom & Destiny and we are posticipating the new miner warfare until AD&D is released i fear. Anyway our team is growing in skill and quantity and we are sure to release a really huge sequel!

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  5. This game is great!!! I love it!
    What do you think about going to Steam Greenlight?
    I think it’s a good idea
    Greetings and congratulations ;)

  6. Love the game but as mentioned on Desura I get a brown screen when launching a match. Oddly the demo does not have this problem. It can be resolved by Alt-Tab-ing to the desktop and then Alt-Tab-ing back to the game. That needs to be done for each match. Very irritating. .Net 4 and XNA 4 were both installed prior to installing the game. Really wish this issue could be fixed. Thanks

    • Could you please provide full system specs? are you maybe forgetting to set the game to use hardware graphics instead of processor graphics?

      • Window7 32 bit, AMD 5850, 2GB Ram.

        How exactly do I set the game to use hardware graphics? I would assume this is the default after installation. I don’t see any options for controlling this within the game. Is there some way to set this external to the game?

  7. Bellissimo… l’unica cosa che mi dispiace un sacco è che gli unici joystik che si possono usare sono quelli della xbox e non invece altri come quelli che ho io che sono i t mini wirless. Potreste perfavore risolvere il problema e magari mandare l’aggiornamento on-line???

    • purtroppo il gioco non può supportare gamepads non xbox siccome è stato realizzato con xna, MA si trovano online degli emulatori che mascherano normali joypads (anche quelli ps3) come gamepads xbox360 e ti permettono quindi di giocare qualsiasi gioco windows live su pc :D

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