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Video Game Designer with a lot of fantasy, wit, charm and most of all, modesty... No programming skills... but I can cook.

Heartbit Interactive update

Hello dudes and dudettes!
This is HeartBit Interactive, the nerds behind Doom & Destiny.

We are aware that we haven’t been posting for a while, but it’s because we have been working a lot 🤖
When we are under heavy work stress, we are less “social” and more “workaholic”… This is how the mighty Flying Spaghetti Monster made us 🍝

Let’s recap:
– CONSOLES: we are currently porting Do&De ADVANCED on #Switch, #PS4 and #XOne. The reason the porting is taking so long is due to the online features of D&De Adv, which are very hard to port on console. We wished to release the game by the end of this years, but porting takes a lot of time and we strongly believe it’s not gonna happen, so our goal will be first half of 2020 😀

– DOOM & DESTINY WORLDS: many of you are asking us when the game will be released. We don’t have a date, but we aim for a PC release in the first half of 2020, after the porting of Advanced on Console. We will try to keep you posted on more news, screenshots and videos 🐉

What we ask you is to be patient and pray the mighty Flying Spaghetti Monster to give us the power to code faster and defeat random encounters!!!


Miner Warfare on Switch

June 21, Miner Warfare is digging its way on the Nintendo Switch e-Shop!

The 8 players option on the Switch is the perfect feature to enjoy the mayhem of Miner Warfare.

To take full advantage of the Switch small screen option, we created 14 new “small” maps to be played “on the go”,
but to fully enjoy the 8 players caos, we strongly advice a big tv, a couch, lot’s of snacks and drinks 😀

Doom & Destiny on Playstation 4

28th February (EU 🇪🇺) // 4th March (Americas 🇺🇸 ).
Doom & Destiny.

Well, it took us quite a while, we even got delayed at the last second, but we finally made it.
Being able to have our first and beloved Doom & Destiny on #Playstation4 is for us an amazing achievem… ehm, we mean, amazing trophy 

The first Doom & Destiny prototype saw the light of day in february 2009! TEN years ago!!!
If you were telling us, 10 years ago, that a small demo/prank about four friends of ours will be available today on #PS4, we would have rolled initiative and attacked you!

But here we are, ready for some more challenges and to entertain you even more! 🍝🐉

Doom & Destiny on Nintendo Switch!

8th February.
Doom & Destiny.
Nintendo Switch.
Mamma mia!
With the help of the most famous Italian plumber, Mario Rossi, and the always welcome blessing of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Doom & Destiny will be available on #NintendoSwitch 🇯🇵
We are extremly excited to finally land on a Nintendo console. We grew up playing with the #GameBoy, #SNes and #N64 and being able to play with our beloved nerds on a #Switch is, for us, a giga-awesome achievement 🐉
Please, #spread the word and #celebrate with us eating Spaghetti and mushrooms 🍝
#NerdsNeverDie #Nintendo #Switch #MammaMia

Doom & Destiny on XBox One!

12th December.
Doom & Destiny.

We are giga-excited to finally bring back Doom & Destiny on a XBox console.

For those who already played it, this news might not sound very “cool”, but for us, it’s a big achievement.
Being able to reach and entertain new players is a dream coming true and those new players will help us to continue developing great games and support them.

So, spread the word, get giga-excited as we are and eat your vegetable (’cause they’re good for your HP).

All praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster!
#NerdsNeverDie on #XOne


Noodles Update 2

Well, dudes and dudettes
the last biggest content update is finally here: theNOODLES UPDATE:fsm:

It took us longer to make, but we tried to make everything we promised (well, almost everything).

The world is now fully explorable, every corner of the map is now filled with secrets, challenges, quests and treasure!:MikeAdv:

It’s been a hell of a ride and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Happy gaming and remember, nerds never die!:PizzaAdv:

– Added the Flying Ship, every corner of the world is exploable
– Level cap 149!
– Max affinity 20, for every class;
– Added a new class, the Adventurer;
– New questlines and dungeons, affinity crystals are now farmable;
– Unlocked the Ultimetal gear;
– Old bugs fixed, new ones added!
– Changed the Knight “Old the Line” power

Doom & Destiny WORLDS

Dear nerds,
it’s finally official!
We are working on DOOM & DESTINY WORLDS,
the third installment from our beloved, tubular and preposterous
Doom & Destiny serie 🐉.

DD3_Roll Up 50% - Cut

In the last couple of months we’ve kept ourselves busy making a super awesome demo for the Microsoft DreamBuildPlay!
And you know what it means? It’s TRAILER TIME!

We need al your prayers to convince the mighty Flying Spaghetti Monster to let us win! Roll your best d20 as token of “good luck”, ask your local DM for a blessing, ’cause Do&De Worlds has to rule the World!

LASAGNE UPDATE – Pyromancer and more!

FACEBOOK_2017-05-25 Lasagna

The adventures with Doom & Destiny ADVANCED never end!
The Pyromancer for Johnny is now available and a new super quest awaits high level nerds! Sail the sea, fight dozens of monsters, level up and face a new challenge, hard as Steel 😉

The content update features:
– New Class for Johnny, the hot Pyromancer
– New Vehicles, sail across the deep ocean
– New End game Storyline, the Steel Mask
– Level Cap 99
– New secrets, new gear, new Cosplays
– New bugs and misspellings
– Fixed an issue with the 4 branches Death’s world puzzle