Hello World

Hi everybody, this is the first log of a probably short series of post where i struggle on what to write next.

After about 7 years of Super-Indie night-time Game Developing I decided to start a blog/homepage for my official entrance in the pseudo professional developing:

yesterday my third game has started selling on XBox Live Indie Games: Its name is Miner Warfare, and it’s a mining themed brawl game where up to 8 friends can play locally on their xbox in a gold rush toscore the most coins by the end of a timer.

I extremely proud of it mostly because me and Francesco were able to deliver almost every single hour of development straight to the player, and it gives a huge lot of satisfaction i ensure you.

Besides this Doom & Destiny our first game (my second) is doing really good even if it still has a lot of minor issues around. D&D is fighting hard to mantain a gorgeus 35th position in the top rated XBox Indie Games and is bringing home a honest 10 sales per day (that is a lot considered genre, pricing and visibility of top rated ladder).

Ok ill keep something to say for my next post! Aloha !