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Miner Warfare
Doom And Destiny
Doom And Destiny Advanced

via Re Amato, 29010 Pontenure

Matteo Nicolotti (CEO): +393311340784 Francesco Ficarelli: +393382139143


Heartbit Interactive is an Italian indie game studio headquartered near Piacenza, Italy. It was founded in 2011 by Matteo Nicolotti and Francesco Ficarelli, two nerds who share the same passion for developing video games. Soon after the company inception, they started creating and programming their first project, Doom and Destiny, which was first released on Xbox 360. It boomed soon after it was published on every major mobile App Store. Driven by the success of this first acclaimed title, Heartbit developed three more games: Miner Warfare, Spyleaks and DKBL. In 2015 the team launched the second installment in the Doom and Destiny franchise, Doom and Destiny Advanced. The team is currently working on the third installment of the Do&De series: Doom and Destiny Worlds.



In 2011 there were two italian guys with the same passion for making video games, but they had two names: Matteo Nicolotti was Heartbit Interactive and Francesco Ficarelli was the Benjamin Ficus Production. Then they decided to unify the company name and after a lot of thinking Francesco said that "Heartbit" was cool because it had a heart in it… made with bits. And so Heartbit Interactive was born.


While Matteo focuses on the technical aspects of XNA programming, Francesco is working to create a great game experience in his products (that’s what he says). Matteo and Francesco have very different skills and viewpoints on how the games should be. They often fight over lifechanging questions like “What is the most important part of a game: boobs or explosions?” or “Should we add this extra feature 3 days before release date?”, but this might be the reason they care so much about their games quality.


The first game they released was Doom and Destiny, an old-school parody role playing game. Winner of the Indie Games Summer Uprising 2011, it was first released on Xbox Live Indie Game, then on PC, both in digital delivery on Steam and boxed (first sold at Lucca Comics and Games 2012). The next game was the successful Miner Warfare, a frantic 2D action local multiplayer mining-extravaganza avaliable for PC and Xbox 360, followed by the retro-tribute Spyleaks, an old-school puzzle game, challenging, with an amazing retro-style graphic and original chiptunes soundtrack. 2015 is the year of Doom and Destiny Advanced, a turn-based rpg, sequel of Doom and Destiny, full of humor, metagame elements and fantastic pixel art.



Doom and Destiny Advanced - Trailer YouTube

Miner Warfare - Trailer YouTube

Doom and Destiny - Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Doom and Destiny - Winner" - Indie Games Summer Uprising, 2011
  • "Doom and Destiny - Finalist in the category: Games and Entertainment" - Smau Mob App Awards Milano, 25 October, 2013
  • "Doom and Destiny - Finalist in the category: Indie Games" - Premio Drago D'Oro, 2013

Selected Articles

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Matteo Nicolotti
CEO, Lead Programmer

Francesco Ficarelli
Administrator, Game Designer

Davide Cangemi
Graphic Artist

Filippo Falleri

Gabriele Fratus
Graphic Artist

Stefano Cremona
Sound Designer

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