Gabriele Fratus

Gabriele Fratus

Graphic Designer

Favourite Games:
Half Life 2
Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
In the Hunt
Most of 80’s side-scrolling Beat ’em up

Mail: tus[at]
Twitter: @SkabGraphix
Skype: Fratus Gabriele

In late 2012 there was a guy with his smartphone. Everything was good, until he found out that there was a game.

A game called Doom and Destiny.

After losing his job for having played too much Doom&Destiny, Gabriele try to follows his dream: become a videogame artist (and maybe, one day, create his own videogame, with lasers and dinosaurs).

He writes an email to HeartBit Interactive, inwich he explain that he is a graphic designer with no experience at all in videogame art, except the several hours spent playing a lot of videogames. And with a lot, i mean A LOT. (If you don’t trust me ask my parents. No, seriously.)

Most likely the guys at Hbit were high when they answer that mail, because they gave Gabriele a chance.

And now here we are, with my 50$ pen tablet and a bunch of pixels.


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