Davide Cangemi

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Davide Cangemi

Comic artist,
Graphic designer,
music composer,
concept designer

Davide C.

Favourite Games:
Final Fantasy 7,
Vandal Hearts,
Metal Slug,
Adventures of Lolo

Mail: davide.cangemi@hotmail.it
Skype: davide.cangemi@hotmail.it
Facebook:┬ádavide c. – disegnatore di fumetti

Davide C. was born in 1985 and lives nearby the city of Palermo, Italy.

His love for comics, cartoons and videogames convinced him to follow an art-oriented path of studies.
He always loved art. During lessons at school he kept drawing characters on his excercise book irritating
his teachers.

For a short time he went to university, but quit after a few years to dedicate himself to photography,
cartoon animaton and graphic design. Then he attended a comic artists school, and became a comic artist for some time.

Today Davide C. creates in-game graphics and concept art for Heartbit interactive.
Also he occasionally works on game concepts, text writing and music composition for original soundtracks.

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