Francesco Ficarelli

Francesco Ficarelli

Founder of HeartBit Interactive,
Game designer

Benjamin Ficus

Favourite Games:
Secret of Evermore,
Yoshi’s Island,
Half Life 2,
Dark Souls,
Dungeons and Dragons (pen and paper)

Mail: francesco.ficarelli[at]
Twitter: #ilBenjaminFicus
Skype: thebenjaminficus
Facebook: Benjamin Ficus

Born as a Fighter in 2003, once he got killed by friendly fire-ball shot by his friend Sorcerer, he realized that his role was not as a Player but as a Game Master!

But it was in 2008 after 4 years of Science and Technology of Materials that he decided to craft his first video game: ProgettOne.

Then he become greed and wanted to make money out of his games.
In 2010 he met Matteo, a programmer greedy as Francesco and together they decided to found HeartBit Interactive to publish ProgettOne, renamed Doom & Destiny, on XBox360.

The rest is history…


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